Fix Me.


I often flinch
when closeness come to me.
I am afraid of embraces and open gazes. I am broken and in need of fixing.

I’m an elevator in need of repair
The light never turns on when you plug in the toaster.
The hum of the refrigerator has not
lulled us into normalcy in several years

I often flinch when closeness comes to me.
Fix me.
I know a healthy person would advise me to “look inward”
and all that but I want you to fix me.
Carefully piece apart the shelving of that toaster,
take care of its steely inner corners,
and look for the light to come on again.
With great care,
envelop the exoskeleton of the out-of-service elevator and uncoil the thick wire
Turn it on again.

Open up that refrigerator,
defrost the upper body
Turn the light on and hear it
hum steadily after
filling it up with food.

Fix me.
Fix me.

After all of the appliances,
the elevator
are in working order,
make sure to maintain them to ensure efficiency.
The hum
The light
The vertical traveling of a fully operational machine giving thanks to you over and over with constancy and service


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