I look for you.
I look for you

in between
the floorboards
in the palms
of light
carved out by the tree branches

I look for you.

I look for you
under the heavy neck of the ocean
in between yes and no.
I look for you.

All of the books say not to look for you
All of the leading researchers and psychotherapists and lifestyle blogs say close your eyes and focus on “you”

They say.
They say.
All of them say.

But what if one day I take a day off from searching
for the feel of your gaze
in between that little piece of space
that exists in the meeting place of harried shoulders on busy intersections?

What if your hungry ghost feels its way to my bed-
spread and I’m not there
to welcome you home to me?

They say. They say they say they say.
Talk talk talk whisper whisper whisper.

What if their steady murmurs overcome the beat
of your soulful song to me?

So I’m still looking for you.
There is a chance
And I want to be open
when love comes.


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