For Me.


you have convinced yourself that you are a monster inside. flaked skin        scaly underbelly you spend         so much time                     looking at people, staring.       Wishing            Hoping that one day you will wake up                         coveted
Human. Humanness,           then becomes privilege. There is no guarantee that you will be born brilliant. No guarantee that your body will make sense in this world No guarantee that you will ever cut yourself some slack Somehow,         after stumbling steadily, you will be tired of breaking your own back.         you will no longer look for yourself in the irises of passerby You won’t             guarantee your body to a                                      dispassionate string of strangers You will catch you. You will embrace the dark travel         of your story and        work your body into a steely cast of insight You don’t have time                    for fables or projections You are guaranteed to you. You give you.        You work you. You walk you. Not only         is this understood around your way, on your corner              “you need you” this messaging effectively deprograms         events                and attitudes that do not serve the godliness in your gait. You are        a current of energy                                                                    an awesome life force You are reckoning in human form You are unwilling to limit yourself to working with scripts that tell you to         destroy the compass of your conviction Instead, you are aiming for                a cosmic rendition a world where    you choose to embrace you choose to let go         you breathe deep  where there is                            no language for     apologize You will catch yourself.


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