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I hate these Queen Facebook posts.
They always talking about what I gotta do to capture a King. They always talking about what I’m doing wrong and who I shouldn’t be (a whore, queer, too “independent,” fatty deposits in the wrong places, no fatty deposits). And these guys–these principled men, these black-is-beautiful-dudes, post them and women respond, a lot of times positively. They comment “YASSS” and “Amen” and shit.
This is bullshit. Because now you’ve got these women thinking that they have to be a Queen (whatever the hell that means) to “catch a man.” And then you have them shaming other women, calling them names and making them feel bad about having sex, saying no, being assertive, having lots of sex, not wanting to get married, not wanting a man, let alone a King, not wanting anyone. Wanting to wear poom-poom shorts and walk down the street. Wanting to have sex with whoever and wherever she pleases. Wanting to talk about her sexual escapades publicly. Wanting to address abuser logic and take Cosby to task. Wanting to disrobe the King and reveal a regular dude who stole somebody’s scepter. Wanting to tell the regular dude that it’s okay to be a regular dude because she not a Queen. She a person, who may or may not identify as “she.” A person that just does shit and cooks and sleeps and fucks people sometimes and eats and shit. Just regular stuff. We not royalty–though I know why we wanna be. We always gotta be a paragon, a poster somebody can walk past in the halls of they overcrowded school. A speech you listened to in that one class that you had with the woke teacher. An amalgamation of sermons and addresses. A King. And a Coretta Scott King. (Even the Queen is the King.) But you not a King. And I’m not a Queen. We can get dirty. We can be dirty. We can spill things on ourselves. No, we may not end up in a reel at the end, but at least we can be dirty.


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