how to be broad chested and big hearted at the same time:

poetry / prose

1. Give thanks daily.
2. Every so often, rub your thigh reassuringly.
3. Read something uplifting.
4. Give something to somebody–some change, a
smile, a hug.
5. Be sincere–don’t accept what you don’t want,
don’t lie about what you do want.
6. Cultivate the ocean in your body with care.
Don’t let it drown you, don’t use it to drown
Instead, use it to reach your goals.
7. Speak to people as if you recognize their
humanness, even if it is difficult.
8. To manage impulsiveness and impatience,
breathe in and out at least once and think
carefully about the message you want to get
9. When in doubt, hold on to your breath. Keep
your face soft.
10. That ocean again. Accept yours and everybody
else’s in whatever condition it came in.

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