for the witch in you.

poetry / prose

Sometimes we love people and they leave.
And we ache about it.
We ask all the questions,
we dream up all the scenarios,
we writhe about it.

Sometimes they leave and they don’t come back.
They may have been your forever love.

That’s what hurts.
The maybe,
The endless hypotheses

Don’t crush yourself with formula and scientific method.
You hurt. That’s what’s happening right now.
You hurt because your heart was open. That is painful but beautiful at the same time.

Steps to heal:
1. Understand the ache. Respect the ache. Don’t supress the ache.
2. Celebrate your open heart. It is beautiful. Do not be ashamed of naked love.
3. So do not close your heart.
4. The magic you made with them can be made again.
No need to wait for somebody else to make it with you, either.
5. You are the maker of magic.
6. Rub your inner thigh, kiss your shoulder.

You are the One.

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