“Not About” Wandering.

It is okay to want out of trapped.

It is okay to force your broad shoulders
out of a natural western peg.

It is okay to bear the burden of could be.
It is okay for the stars in your grandfather’s name to show in your iris.
It is okay to wander.

I know they say we can’t wander
We tell ourselves that we can’t wander but we are made of dream
and bold,


Why can’t we wander?
They follow us everywhere.
We spelled “wander” with ship fragments and stolen ocean a millennia ago
Breath built with the ringing of church bells so many years ago

And we talking bout what?


Tell you somethin.
Only the anointed wander.
Others try and fail.
Those boys are still trying
to squeeze their shoulders into those natural western pegs.
Still trying to beg you with their teeth. With their eyes.
Look at those damn shoulders, would you?
They ain’t made to fit.
They supposed to support
forward-moving head
a taut torso
thighs and legs



Note: Ralph Ellison talks about “natural western men” in his novel Invisible Man.

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